View Full Version : Chose a 6120c over a N73

07-04-2008, 09:29 AM
Hey all, new here, don't usually consider myself a phone fan but after over a year of using an old Samsung V200 I was desperate for a new one. I love getting new techy toys but for some reason resent the mobile phone's existence :tongue:

Wanted a smartphone so that I could run software that would let me set individual text message tones to each contact or group. I used to have a 7610 which died on me a year ago (it took exception to me playing the sims). I really liked that phone but the version of S60 wouldn't have let me run the software so I'm happy I'm getting a new one.

It's nice to hear that smart phone's have improved since then, the 7610 was a bit of a biggun - I had a Xelibri 5 ( before it! Slow at times too, the speed and size of the 6120c are two of the things that won out over the N73.

Mostly was the N73 being for photo and music fans. I love that you can take pictures and record video on phones but I don't need it to be the best camera in the world (though better than the V200 will be nice at last). I rarely use my ipod anymore and I'm not young enough to play R&B music on the bus ;) so don't really care about it's music playing abilities.

I still prefer the "candy bar" form as well. I haven't liked having a flip phone at all and wouldn't have chosen one. Slide phones are all the rage but I think they look awful when opened, something being all the rage always puts me off a bit as well, which is why I'm not turned towards the Ericsson's.

Nice to be here, look out for my excited post tomorrow when my phone arrives.