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29-03-2008, 01:24 AM
i have a new w950i all working fine but cant get the email to work.

web all works ok i can visit vodafone live or google but i cant get vodafone wet up utility to set up a imap gmail account, i also tried the sony ericsson web sight but noy joy again. i get a 404 once all my details are entered in to the setup utility.

i entered all the details manualy and all it does is time out.

any sugestions???

11-04-2008, 12:14 PM
Why don't you give the Gmail Java app by Google a try? It works great.

17-04-2008, 03:36 PM
Hi nicholas,

I can understand you wanting to make to most of your phone and I can help you to get the email set up.

To access your emails on your phone we'll first need to ensure that you'ra connecting through the correct access point. I've included the manual set up guide below for you to configure email on your phone, the first part of the set up ensures that the internet access point is being used.

1. From the main display tap the Main Menu Icon.
2. Tap Tools
3. Tap Control Panel
4. Tap Connections
5. Tap Internet Accounts
6. The Internet Accounts screen will be displayed, Tap More.
7. Tap Group Account
8. Enter Vodafone WEB
9. Tap Next
10. Tap Save
11. Tap More.
12. Tap New Account
13. Tap Data
14. Tap Account Name and enter Vodafone Int
15. Tap Address and enter: internet
16. Tap the box next to Username and Password required
17. Tap Username and enter web
18. Tap Password and enter web
19. Tap Save
20. A error message saying “If you want to use Vodafone Live to connect to the internet or send and receive email, you must add it to a group account. Do you want to add Vodafone Live to a Group account now” Will be displayed, Tap Yes
21. Tap the Add to Group Account.
22. Tap Vodafone WEB
23. Tap Save
24. Tap Vodafone WEB,
25. Tap the desired Group.
26. Tap Save
27. Tap the Return icon.
28. Tap Messaging.
29. Tap Email Accounts.
30. Tap New.
31. Tap Account name and enter the account name (e.g. Work email, Vodafone etc.).
32. Tap Your Name and enter your name.
33. Tap Email address and enter the email address provided by your e-mail provider (e.g
34. Tap Connection Type and tap on POP3 or IMAP4 depending on your e-mail account).
35. Tap Receive Using Group
36. Tap Vodafone WEB
37. Tap the Inbox tab.
38. Tap Incoming Incoming Server Address and enter the incoming mail server provided by your e-mail provider (for Vodafone Mail enter
39. Tap Username and enter and enter the account user name.
Note: The username is dependant on the e-mail setup. Some usernames are the full email address and some are just the users name.
40. Tap Password and enter the e-mail password set by the user.
41. Tap the Outbox tab at the top of the screen.
42. Tap Outgoing Server Address and enter
43. Make sure the box next to Use SMTP authentication is left un-ticked.
44. Make sure the box next to Use Inbox login details is left un-ticked.
45. Tap Send Using Group
46. Tap Vodafone WEB
47. Tap Save.
48. Tap More.
49. Tap Preferred Account.
50. Tap Preferred Email Account.
51. Tap on the new e-mail account.
52. Tap Save.
53. Tap Done.

If you continue to have problems once you've completed this set up it's possible that there could be an issue on your account that's affecting you connecting to your emails. If this is the case simple drop us an email by completing the Contact Us Forum ( our website, please ensure that you're completed all the fields and included the code FIT135 so that the email is directed to the forum Team.

As soon as we receive your email we can check everything on your account to ensure you have full access to all the features on your phone.

Kind regards

Vodafone UK