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09-03-2008, 11:47 AM
Hi Everyone

Sorry if this a daft question, I'm a real newbie with UIQ3 & Outlook.

Mrs G has a new P1i which I need to sync to her Outlook profile (using the standard Outlook data file).

This has worked ok, but as I also want to purchase a P1i & sync to my Outlook profile, how do you prevent the handsets messing up each others calenders, contacts etc (we do not require email yet).

Should our Outlook data be in separate Outlook data files, instead of profiles ?

Coming from a Palm O.S & desktop background, this feature of multiple devices/users was done incredibly easily & without fuss.

Many thanks for any help/advice


12-03-2008, 09:00 PM
By far the easiest way would be to buy Mrs. G. her very own computer..

If you can't do that (who needs holidays), then make her her own account in Windows XP. Do this by going to START > Control Panel > User Accounts > Create a new account.

The Up side of this is that Mrs. G's email, files, music, photos and (what you really wanted) Contacts will be seperate from yours. The Down side wil be that she will now most likely need her own seperate email account. She will also get her own Contacts file that you can sync her phone to (you need to be logged into her XP account for this to work) her Outlook.

Likewise you should login to your XP account to sync your phone.

If you have trouble with any of this, just let me know.

Good luck - Pete

12-03-2008, 11:24 PM

Many thanks for the answer, its been driving me mad.

Sony Ericsson should be ashamed of themselves, Palm has managed this for years without the user having to remember which user to log into !



13-03-2008, 07:20 PM
Well, not quite. SE's software syncs directly to Outlook whilst Palm syncs first to its own programme and can import/export to/from Outlook. This leaves the Palm software in the unenviable position of being in the middle of two databases (your phone and Outlook).

This arose during the days of Windows 98 whne seperate users accounts were (being kind) very badly impllemented. Companies like PAlm worked around this by implementing User Profiles in their own software.

IMHO it is better to have a 'top down' approach to a user's files and contacts.

But then, I run an IT support company and I see this kind of mess every day.
I am glad that this is now sorted out.