View Full Version : SE W960i, bluetooth on Toshiba laptop and GPRS Internet

14-02-2008, 07:12 AM
Hello, everybody. I will trully appreciate your help on this issue. I didn't have problems with dial up internet with my W850i but now, with w960i I can't get it working. I have installed all the software that came with W960i. I have updated Toshiba Bluetooth Stack on my laptop, I can connect to phone's serial port with my laptop. My laptop recognizes the phone as a dial up device, so I was able to create a shortcut for Dial up (and serial port respectively). When I look in the DialUp properties, there is no w960i bluetooth modem installed. In mRouter there is no bluetooth connection with my phone available. Only additional com ports which can be added or removed. On my stationary PC I have ordinary BT dongle and connections work fine. Could this be a probem with Toshiba BT not being able to recognize the phone properly? Does anyone has similar problems with Toshiba laptop and this phone?

Thank you for your help.

11-04-2008, 12:50 PM
I too use a Toshiba laptop. It seems that mRouter doesn't recognise the Toshiba bluetooth stack. They suggest using either XP's built in stack or the Widcomm stack