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27-01-2008, 09:12 PM
I was wondering if anybody else has sat nav on their w960?

Ive got a bluetooth receiver and want to know whats the best software thats compatible with the phone?

I saw the earlier thread that TomTom isnt compatible, and my wayfinder demo had expired b4 my gps receiver arrived!!

Obviously I dont want to fork out a load of cash on crappy software, so wanted to know;

a) What is currently on the market that will work?

b) Other users opinions on that software?

c) Will TomTom work in the near future?

thx for any advice.

29-01-2008, 07:17 PM
Hi There, I've had the w950 for a while and tomtom works perfectly on it. Most of the hardware on the w960 is the same as the w950 and the OS is identical so tomtom should also work on the w960. I will be giving it a go shortly as I have just acquired a w960.

29-01-2008, 07:33 PM
Hi, thanks for the reply

I have contacted TomTom (25th Jan 08) and they have told me that none of their software works with the W960.

I am sure that eventually they will upgrade it to compatible with the OS, but thats no good to me now!!!

Grateful for any further comments...

29-01-2008, 07:51 PM
As mentioned this is always the line they take. The people on the end of the phone just look at the list of compatible phones they are given. However, when I first got the w950 I was told by them that tomtom did not work on that either... They have now added the w950 to their list of compatible phones.

Given that the w960 uses the same software as the w950 (uiq3, symbianOS 9.1) I am pretty positive that tomtom (which is working on my w950) will work on the w960. I shall verify tonight.

30-01-2008, 12:15 AM
Tomtom running on w960 :)

ok, so I installed the new pc suite and made sure the pc could recognise the new phone.

I then simply fired up tomtom (the navigator6 DVD version running on the pc) and it immediately spotted the phone as a new hard drive to install tomtom to (make sure when you plug the phone into usb you specify data transfer mode and *not* normal mode).

Tomtom brings up a menu asking what sort of device and I tell it "uiq3" and from there on in its plain sailing. I now have tomtom with the britain and major roads of europe installed on the w960.

Tomtom doesnt care about "w950" or "w960", it doesnt care beyond the fact that it is a "uiq3" device therefore all uiq3 phones will work (w950, w960, m600, p990, p1i).

Heres a couple of photos but you'll have to excuse the poor quality. Should be enough to prove it works though. One photo of phone next to gps dongle, one of just the phone with the tomtom app active.

I hope this was all of some help to people :)

31-01-2008, 07:20 PM

Thats great news. Thanks for your input.

Can i ask where u got your software?

01-02-2008, 10:26 AM
I'm afraid I cant remember where I got it from as it was a little over a year ago. But be sure to get Navigator 6, the DVD version. The versions on memory cards are no use as the w960 has no memory card slot.

Install the software to PC, plug in the phone in data transfer mode and when asked tell tomtom it is a uiq3 device. From there on you can just select items to install such as GB maps, France maps, post codes etc.

{tip} Considering I also use my phone as my walkman I wanted to do a selective install. Therefore I installed all of GB and major roads of europe and post codes. You also get to choose which voices to install. There is a male and female voice in a range of different countries accents but to save storage space I decided which I wanted and only installed that one.

It is easy at any later time to plug your phone into your pc again and install further maps, voices etc

03-02-2008, 09:48 AM
Hi Gebbly - ive got the navigator 6 DVD, but when i try to install it i get the follwoing message...

Your computer does not support the devices for which there are applications in this package. Please install the supporting software first and run Setup again. Setup will now end.

Have you any idea what I might be missing?

My PC is Windows Vista Home Edition

04-02-2008, 10:12 AM
1. Do you have the phones PC Suite installed?
2. If PC Suite is installed are you able to succesfully connect to your PC in fast transfer mode.

Part of the phone PC Suite is some drivers for the PC to recognise the phone.

[once connected in fast transfer mode I think your pc should be able to see your phone as a hard drive to which you can copy files etc using tools such as a file explorer]

Once PC Suite recognises the phone is plugged in to the PC *then* start up navigator 6.

13-02-2008, 08:07 PM
Is it possible to have the phone (w960i, or any for that matter) connected to 2 different bluetooth devices simultaneously - eg. BT headset and BT receiver ?

14-02-2008, 01:47 PM
I believe that should be possible yes.

15-02-2008, 07:35 PM
I downloaded tomtom 6 but it won't install any thing on my mobile I have the W960

I don't get it

at Installing tomtom I chose uiq3 and it told theres no updats to be added

what do i need to go ?

17-02-2008, 05:23 PM
Install the phones PC suite.
Install the tomtom software to your PC.
Start tomtom software.
Connect your phone in "data transfer" mode.
Tomtom should detect the device and ask what sort it is. Choose "uiq3".

The tomtom software should then have 3 windows in a row. Middle window is things you can install and right window is what is already installed on the phone. select things in the middle window like "Britain and major roads of europe" and "postcodes" and select install. This should move files to your phone.

03-03-2008, 08:06 AM
I can confirm that tomtom works with the w960

You dont need the sync with pc suite etc though. Just hook it up and select "fast data transfer" on the phone. This will use the built in mass storage driver on the phone and will work with Vista (and in fact any post win98 OS)

Basically you need the phone mapped as a drive (eg e:) on your PC. When you start up tom tom it will recognise the phone based on it being a drive on your pc and will install

03-03-2008, 09:22 PM
I am quite knowledgable with IT and technology, but this is buggin me!!

I have windows vista home premium.
Ive got the latest pc suite for my sony ericsson w960i.
Ive got TomTom navigator 6 dvd version.

I connect my phone to my pc using the usb data cable and have tried to install the TomTom software using both 'fast file transfer' and 'normal mode' and on both instances i get the following message after agreeing to the EULA;

Your computer does not support the devices for which there are applications in this package. Please install the supporting software first and run Setup again. Setup will now end.

And i cannot proceed.

I have just re-installed vista too and i still get the same problem.

If anyone can offer any further help i would be extremely grateful.

feel free to PM me for my messenger user if you wish to help in 'private'!

18-02-2009, 01:34 PM
Hi all, I installed TomTom 6.020 on my w960 , and it works great ! (Just copied the unpacked files to the root of my phone with an USB cable, unplugged it,and used the phone installer itself)

Now i also use my phone as mp3-player in my car-stereo. (Gives u with the cables u got from the phone a very cheap way to call handsfree also)

Only problem is,when i activate TomTom also,while i listen to the mp3, TomTom speaks and my mp3 music doesnt resume/continue after the interruption from the Nav-program.

If there is ANY solution possible for this minor problem,then my next phone probably will be a W960 again, because i just LUV the phone !

greetz Foxxy