View Full Version : Help with dead 950i

11-01-2008, 11:59 AM
Right my wife has a w950i which has been fine until today, whereupon the touchscreen has died. I've had it apart and poked at it but it seems it's going to need a new screen. Now when screens are going on ebay for what she can upgrade to a w960 for there's one sensible option, upgrade. So she's toddling off to 02 to see what they can do for her now.

The downside to this is she put the code lock feature on the 950i so when powered up it asks for the code, now as "Done" is not the default option once the code is entered (and "Help" is???) I can't enter the code and select through with the jog wheel. Ideally we'd like to get the phone powered up and connected to her laptop to rescue all her contacts etc from it, but I'm assuming I'll need to get past this screen before the laptop will talk to it? Anyone with any ideas of how to get the thing powered up?

11-01-2008, 01:00 PM
As an after note, I've tried plugging it in at the code screen and it says the phone is in "fast file transfer mode" and all it will let me do is use the Disc2Phone, Adobe Photoshop Album, Quicktime, and Update Service applications. None of which will help me get the contacts from it. :(