View Full Version : Strange Request For Help W950i Backup!

06-01-2008, 01:00 PM
Hi there,

Got a w950i that ive had for just over a year. One morning i turned it on and its developed a white screen of death problem so i bought a spare faulty phone that had a working screen.

I took mine apart, swapped the screens over and its still a white screen. The spare phone works fine so it a dry solder point on my phone. Ive had it looked at and its impossible to find the faulty solder point so its a dead-un.

Heres my problem, All my contacts were stored on my phone not my sim and i cant see anything on my phone although it turns on and works perfectly but without me seeing anything. I tried using the pc suite but its only on fast file transfers so i cant use backup.

Can someone turn on there phone and give me step my step instructions on how to back up the contacts from the phone to my sim card using only the jog wheel please? As in i can roughly guess where the contacts list is or the settings icon on the screen to start it of but then need a up or down and press jog wheel in guide!

Id be very very grateful as im about to lose about three years worth of contacts by being an idiot and not backing them up before.

Thanks a million in advance!