View Full Version : HELP: P1i does NOT sync with Outlook 2007 on Vista

03-01-2008, 01:26 PM
Hi All,

Need urgent help on getting my P1i to Sync with Outlook 2007 on Visa.

I have been sync'ing my P1i with my old notebook running WinXP with Outlook 2002 since July 2007 and everything was fine. But I recently upgraded to a new notebook running Vista and synchronization went to hell.

Old Notebook Configuration: (WORKS GREAT)
WinXP running Outlook 2002
SonyEricsson PC Suite which came with the P1i

New Notebook Configuration:
Win Vista running Outlook 2007
SonyEricsson PC Suite Version 1.3.33
(Latest version download from SonyEricsson site)

Synchronization Problem:

1. I did a master reset on my P1i to rid of user data.
2. I only sync with Calendar, Contact, Task and Note with Outlook and nothing else.
3. The first sync worked with Contact, Task and Note where everything on Outlook was sync'd to P1i.
4. However only the recurring events in Outlook Calendar was sync'd to P1i.
5. All subsequent sync's did NOT work. The Sync Manager actually ran through the entire sync process, but the end result was "ZERO item was sync'd". None of the new changes on Outlook was sync'd to P1i.

Is there a update patch I need to install from somewhere?

The SonyEricsson PC Suite apparently conflicts with the Vaio Smart Network software, which is Sony's network profile manager for Sony notebooks. Although unlikely, but can this be the source of problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.