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26-01-2003, 02:26 PM
Masabi Ltd ( releases a new j2me shoot-em-up action game Galaforce for 7650/3650. Go and buy it from Handango ( tionId=0&productType=2&platformId=4&productId=5394 3).

From site:

The Game
In the midst of the 25th century, the United Cosmological Federation declared war on the savage, belligerent aliens inhabiting the Magellanic galaxy. Only the most experienced of the U.C.F. pilots have been chosen to embark upon the perilous mission of conquering and overthrowing the hordes of Magelian, the Galaforce!

About Galaforce
Galaforce is another Masabi conversion of a BBC Micro classic, this time throwing the player into all-out shoot-em-up action - fend off the aliens through waves of high speed adrenaline pumping gameplay!

More info:

Buy it from:
Handango ( tionId=0&productType=2&platformId=4&productId=5394 3)

Price: $5.99
Size on phone: ??
Version: 1.0
Trial version: No


27-01-2003, 10:46 AM
I used to love this game on the beeb although I could never progress that far - hopefully my reactions have improved now that I'm no longer a five year old ;) Handango here I come....