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05-12-2007, 04:29 PM
Guys, i know you have presented some valid points on why there are so little UIQ stuff on the news, mainly because lack of "action" from SE and Motorola, but its getting freakin ridiculous...last week there was some days when there wasnīt single UIQ article on the homepage!!!

Also, i think UIQ Fast Track is probably the biggest UIQ event around right now, you managed to not do a single line about it!!! At the same time, Nokia, Nokia, and some more Nokia, and s60, s60, s60

Intomobile wrote alot about it, and even this new site is already prooving to be more balanced:

I listened to your latest podcast about music on phones...again, 95% was talking about Nokia, a subject SE has so much to do with...

The bias was even more noticeable in the end of the podcast...after one of the other guys raved about being able to use palm apps on the N800 (a touch screen device, so i say, a perfect device to emulate palm apps), Ewan refered styletap is coming, alowing s60 smartphones to do the same - will be out for UIQ also, and again, it is a platform perfectly suited for it for obvious reasons (again)

So please, put some more people making articles on UIQ (poor Asri canīt do all), or change the site name, because is getting ridiculous

rant over

08-12-2007, 04:32 PM
Noted and taken on board.

The truth is that there's more activity around S60 phones than anything else. They also represent far more shipping devices.

Fair point about the Fast Track Event. I was at the last two of these, but couldn't attend this time round.

With the podcast, we're inevitably going to be in personal opinion territory here. We probably should have mentioned the W960 more explicitly (though we did as I recall discuss Disc 2 Phone as being ideal for noivices).

I'm on the look out for more UIQ writers, but they are hard to find.