View Full Version : Old Devices, New Firmwares, Contract Phones.......ONE BIG QUESTION! *IMPORTANT*

27-11-2007, 05:41 PM
Ok, so N-Gage as a platform is "soon to be here" and we all want to be ready and there is one BIG Question buzzing around in my head atm, but first abit of info.

The Background:

just recently a N95 firmware was released v20, however this ONLY works if you have an unbranded NOKIA phone (i.e. paid the original 450 (or 350 as it is now) for the phone and not had it on contract. Not only that ive heard that N93 and N73 may be getting possible firmware updates in the future (which isn't a problem for me since my N73 and N93 are unbranded phones).

all these new FIRMWARE updates inlcudes the N-GAGE PREVIEW APP (which is the same preview app shipped with N81 (and 8GB) and N95 8GB).

The Question:

Will the new N-GAGE Games and N-GAGE APPLICATION work on existing N95's, N73's and N93's WITHOUT the latest firmware update? - as the people who are on contract like me and hox only have V12 (me) and v11 (Hoax). as our phones are branded and we never know when they wlill release the next firmware update.

so if the N-Gage App / Game /Support doesn't work due to lack of the latest firmware then we are screwed basically. As Hoax has been waiting AGES for Orange UK to provide an Orange Branded V12 N95 Firmware.

Other Option:

The only othe option of getting the latest firmware on our contract phones is buy using a program called NSS - all i know is that it changes the code of the phone (to what you want) so it makes it possible to update, but then u have to do a MASTER REFORMAT after installing the update and then change it back to the original Phone Code, which is kinda complicated and a long job for updating phone.

So any comments would be fine on the situation (if the n-gage games work with the latest firmware thats fine, but ive read the specs sheet on the firmware and it says "N-GAGE GAMES SUPPORT" which means to me, that for the games to work on the N95 you need that firmware.

27-11-2007, 08:33 PM
AFAIK this is a panic over nothing.

The full N-Gage application is just a standard S60 3rd Edition application.

Even if your phone never ever ever receives any new firmware updates, you should still be able to install the N-Gage application yourself just like any other S60 3rd app, because S60 compatibility is the same on all firmware versions.

It's like the game Snakes, this is built into many S60 phone firmware versions, but you can still install it separately if it isn't included in the firmware. Being in firmware or installed separately makes no difference to how Snakes works.

Firmware updates may include the N-Gage application built-in, but that doesn't mean you NEED the firmware update, it just means Nokia want to save people the bother of installing the app separately. If the firmware doesn't include the app, you can install it separately.

In fact, if the N-Gage application required new firmware, why would Nokia be telling everyone the application will be available a separate download?