View Full Version : Huge problem with the calendar on Nokia 9300i - can not copy it to E90!

15-11-2007, 08:55 AM
On a Nokia Communicator 9300i I have a calendar that is 1300 kb large and it takes approximately 8 minutes before the calendar actually opens but that is not the problem.

The problem is that now I need to copy that calendar to the new E90 and whichever method I choose it hangs and the calendar is not being copied to the E90.
I tried the build in synchronisation between 9300i and E90 and every single other part can be synchronised only when it comes to calendar it hangs and finally after 10 to 15 minutes it quits.
The same thing happens when I try to synchronise this 9300 with a PC. It will allow me to synch contacts (950 of them) but when I try to synch calendar it stops after 10 minutes with no specific error message. Mostly something like synchronisation failed.
I used the tool called Data Mover from Nokia that can transfer even more setting from 9300i to E90 and this also was hanging on that calendar.

Now I copied the calendar into a separate file 1,6 MB and copied that file onto a memory card but what can I do with this file now on a E90. Can I somehow import it into E90?

It's my big bossesí phone and he will not give up until I find the solution for this so please no answers to delete anything. He also needs the complete past of from the calendar!
I have also no synchronised copy of this calendar on any PC.
Itís used completely stand alone!
I did manage to make a full backup of the calendar on the 9300i with the build in backup function if that helps!

Please help!