View Full Version : Nokia N76 and GPRS modem in Linux

04-11-2007, 01:20 PM
The question I'm going to ask is quite weird but I'm confident some of you may help me out.
I'm a happy owner of a Nokia N76 and I'm trying to make it work under Linux to get connected to the Internet via GPRS over a Bluetooth link.
With my previous cell phone, a Nokia N70, I've had experienced no problems at all, while this N76, instead, is giving me only trouble.
Truth be told, I've already searched Google to see if some workaround exists, but my quest has ben useless so far.
In a nut shell, what are the strings that must be used to initialize the GPRS modem?
The ones I've been using are these:Init1 = AT
Init2 = ATE0V1&D2
Init3 = AT+CGDCONT=,,""
The first one, AT works, the second one, ATE0V1&D2, is recognized by the software I use for the connection as a bad string.
By the way, these strings are the ones I get when I use Windows to make the modem work.
Any ideas?