View Full Version : E90 & Blackberry On Orange

30-10-2007, 03:33 PM

I spent 1 week trying to figure out how to set up the E90 on Orange 's Blackberry service and O2s Internet service.

I got the device fully setup on O2's BB service, but my Phone wont log onto Orange's Blackberry Network for more than 2 seconds. Phone Registers, Device get e-mail "your device is now ....reg with wireless network...." , then drops connection. (I.e BB Symbol flashes, becomes steady for 3 seconds, then recieves 1 message and disconnects)

I have tried all settings ;

1) Using only GSM (as orange use GSM for BB)
2) Using as only access point.
3) Using V 7.39

Before Phone communicates with Orange's BB network it has generated a pin, as soon as pin is registers, it disconnects and software wont regenerate pin until BBC 4.0 is reinstalled.

Anyone got any ideas, ive exhausted myself chasing this idea. If nothing works soon I will just swap from Orange to O2.