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26-10-2007, 02:02 PM
Project Manager for Blackberry - save 30% from

Project Manager is a Comprehensive Project Management and Productivity tool to get projects organized effectively and
efficiently.It keep track all the project information in an effective way and monitors your project. It covers all type of projects
and helps to keep track the project, task, subtask and schedules information. Project Manager offers a great way to keep track the
Project information and data in a easy way.
Manage projects, create informative plans and track the schedules, tasks and project status easily by utilizing the software found
in this suite.
Get hold of the Project Manager to keep track of your project details and status. An easy way to complete your projects before
Project Manager is also used to keep track Software Development Project. To use it all you need to do is create tasks. It keeps
track of all the tasks and sub tasks that they belong to.
Project Manager is an User-friendly Project Tracking tool. It provides the best place to store your Project Name, Project ID,
Client, Project start and end date information and other details.
Any number of project information can be added with user's choice. Notes is provided separately, which gives more storage for the
additional information.
Project Management: Store information regarding project, their clients, durations etc. In addition, associate project with task,
schedules and status and keep track accordingly.