View Full Version : Classic game Quake on the 6120!

12-10-2007, 02:50 PM
I thought you might all like to know that Quake works well on the 6120, with full frame rate 3D graphics, sounds effects (in stereo if you use the headset) and music. A GREAT way to show off your phone!

Full details in this thread here:

Download from here:

You want the v.1.02 no FPU version, and the pips.sis download too. Follow the instructions on the thread linked above, or better the installation instructions at the download site.

The Quake data file you need is at
this needs to be unzipped, and then ungzipped (WinRAR does this, not sure what else).

Links to CD Audio music here:
Again you'll need WinRAR to unarchive, then put files in quake1 dir as per installation instructions.

You'll want to turn the music volume down when first starting ;-)