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05-10-2007, 06:07 PM
* Unable to save messages into a folder when typed into "create message".
Only possibility = drafts which is saved automaticly
* When playing music and receiving a message(or taking a picture, etc...) will
stop the music and play a sound for that message. Even when the sound is
turned off the vibrating still interrupts the music.
* There is no possibility to add a reminder in the calendar. The 'memo' function
has no alarm time function which is very annoying. You have to add 'meeting
or todo' if you want to add an alarm time!
* No option to enable the flash permanent.

Will they make an upgrade for these problems? That calendar thing is the worst problem...

Besides these things, the phone is absolutely GREAT...


26-11-2007, 03:40 AM
The simplest thing ... the biggest feature I used to get from my clunky retro base-model Nokia was Timed Profiles (eg going to Meeting mode, but having it revert back at a convenient time).

What were these stupid people thinking?? Sure its got a radio, media player etc, but the most simplest yet rewarding thing to code is no longer there! All I can think is how hopeless these clowns are.

26-11-2007, 02:26 PM

The first "bug" is by design. It's logical to save all drafts in the Draft folder. If users could save them in the Inbox (or elsewhere), things could get very confusing.

The second is also by design. How would you know a message had arrived otherwise?

The phone's Calendar application is very poor, but you can set reminders in Outlook and then sync them across to the phone. Or take a look at Papyrus.

Again, by design (if you mean permanently on). A constantly on LED would get very hot, especially if you covered it. If you mean that you can't save the flash setting in the camera app, then I don't know of any fixes :(


Try Handy Profiles or Best Profiles.