View Full Version : SIM Contacts

29-09-2007, 07:36 PM
Hey there.
I just bought a Z8 today.
And I have a few problems, but main problem is with contacts.
I cant get it from SIM card. I got there whole list, but I dont know where to copy it from SIM to Phone or something right that :(

Also I have problem with shortcuts. Can I do it like in the Moto E398 or E1000, to specific number, for example. on 7 I want BlueTooTh, on 2 Massages, and etc. etc.

I think this are main problems.
Im also looking for some working games and apps for that phone, do U know where can I find it ? Themes would be good to.

Thx for help by the way :)

I want to ask one more question.
Because when I run some game, or app and when I exit from it by Red Phone Button, or Home Button, this game is minimalising ?
But I dont know where to find it to close it at all. Pls help :)