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19-01-2003, 10:11 PM
PsiLOC ( has updated again the Space Doubler (, this time adding more option to compression and making it faster and smaller. Buy it here (

From PsiLOC:

What's new in version 1.30:
- it's MUCH faster (50% faster if optimized for speed)
- four compression levels:
- maximum (up to 10% better compression ratio)
- normal (up to 5% better compresion ratio, the same speed as before)
- fast (up to 20% faster)
- fastest (up to 40% faster, slightly lesser compression ratio)
- all compression levels are still ZIP format (files compressed with Space Doubler can be extracted using e.g. Winzip)
- Space Doubler application size is 15kB SMALLER
- faster and more discrete start of compressed applications
- ability to create shortcuts to compressed applications in standard Favourites application
- application/group settings added (e.g. frequently used applications may be optimized for speed with fastest compression level, others with maximum compression level)
- Space Doubler is now fully automatic, it detects new applications and asks about compress it (no need to run main program after instaling new application)
- ability to "sign" or not application icon
- Repack all applications option added
- smoother progress indicator
- other changes...
- and it is available as FREE upgrade to registered user's

More info:

Buy it from:
handango (

Price: $9.95
Size on phone: 56kB