View Full Version : case build quality question (side of phone)

23-09-2007, 01:12 PM
hi all,

I know its been mentioned a few times that some people find their E90 is sort of "creaky" near the camera lense i.e. the case feels a bit poor.

I dont seem to have that issue but I notice that the bit of the case down the side where the infrared port and the camera button are seems to "creak" if you press it... anyone else got this?

Not a big deal I guess, just feels a bit "plasticky" when you hold it there.

Still, compare to the N95 I had its still ROCK SOLID :-)

26-09-2007, 11:50 AM
oops just noticed there is a thread about this issue:

Since first noticing the creaking I cant ignore it now! Its especially noticable when using the qwerty keyboard. What a shame - as the rest is so well built. :frown:

Has anyone tried any DIY repairs on this issue? I had took the battery out and had a look but dared not try and take it apart!

Incidentally I have the version with the bevelled keyboard.