View Full Version : N76 SMS - Contacts

17-09-2007, 11:57 PM
I bought my N76 yesterday and I observed an annoying problem which I do not know if it is has to do with the appliance or the entire software.
The problem has to do with the messages and the contacts.
In order to I become more precise, when I take a message, in the name of the sender it has his number and no his name, even though it is in my contacts. As an example it comes in an International Dial Code in form of +35799xxxxxx (I am from Cyprus thatís why +357) and nothing as name. I changed couple of my contacts in the International Dialling codes form (+35799xxxxxx) in order to find out if it will make any change, and indeed now it shows the name of the sender.
The paradox? It does not show me their name when they call me! It shows me the telephone in form +35799xxxxxx! I cannot understand the reason.
I n the official forums Nokia says that this happens if you have the contacts double. Something that I do not have. Does somebody have the same problem?

Note: As soon as I bought the mobile I put my sim card inside everything was perfect. The senders were shown in there normal form. But on my fury for Updates as soon as I went home I installed Nokia Software Updater and I upgraded my software to the latest version: 20.0.041. After the problems that I mentioned before appeared.
It is strange because when you update something you really expect improvements not problems.