View Full Version : Microsoft spins some more.

22-02-2002, 02:22 PM
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"Ben Waldman, vice president for Microsoft's Mobile Devices Division. "

"A lot of the big manufacturers have approached us. They are looking to get an alternative to Nokia," he said on the fringes of the 3GSM World Congress here, Europe's largest wireless trade show. "

"However, the company has not yet announced major new customers for its software apart from Samsung, Mitsubishi and Sendo, which were named as launching partners a year ago.

Waldman acknowledged Microsoft's ambitions would not work unless it caught some big cell phone producers, such as Motorola and Sony Ericsson -- although he declined to name who Microsoft was talking to.

SYMBIAN Waldman said Ericsson and Motorola had every reason to explore the alternative software offered by Microsoft, because the Symbian software joint venture between the major cell phone makers was not much more than an operating system. "

Arghh - in other words the entire 'press' release is just scuttle but from a Micosoft person, how can they release this as news?


22-02-2002, 02:36 PM
If M$ had a big name they would be shouting it from the rooftops because at the moment they have squat compared to symbian. Symbian have all the major, and many minor phone producers, M$ have PDA producers. I know I'd rather have a smartphone from a phone producer than a PDA producer as all the M$ PDAs I've seen are the biggest bits of gash it's been my misfortune to use.