View Full Version : Printing Documents From E90 To Bluetooth Printer

28-08-2007, 06:43 PM
In case anyone is struggling (as i have been) with printing from your e90, there is an answer...

google for a company called "Cortado". the software that you are looking for is "cortado print & fax".

they offer software to view print fax etc. files and documents of various types.

have just tried it and it seems quite good (managed to print an essay that i have been working on in quickoffice v at the moment they are offering e90 owners a 60 day free trial. give them your email addr. and they send you two modes of download to pc or directly downloading/installing from your e90 web browser. on the tests that i have managed so far, it seems to keep 99.9% of the page layout and formatting etc.

Hope this helps some of you guys in some way. i know that finding this software has helped me out!