View Full Version : Nokia E90 GPS 'problems'

14-08-2007, 06:39 PM
Hi !!
I received my E90 yesterday... since then I've been wondering how to actually receive GPS signal...

I know that the build-in GPS from the E90 isn't that brilliant... but...

That's what I have:

on the GPS folder, when I search for "GPS status", in about 10-40 seg in shows me around 3-4 satellites but will never update my actual coordinates... it will hang on "waiting for gps status"... I can be there 15 mins, it will continue like that...

when on the mapping software, I have no way no get the GPS... just waits 3 segs and then says "no gps signal"...

What can i do ???

Another question: I have downloaded some maps (with nokia map loader) directly on my microSD, but the phone keeps on searching on the internet instead of loading the "local" maps... anyway to make the phone use them ?



14-08-2007, 07:14 PM
It should pick up the satellites, but the first time for me took also about 20 minutes. Best chances are to do it outside and away from tall buildings with a clear view to as much sky as possible.

You can also check if there's a firmware update for the E90 as there is for the N95 with Assisted GPS (A-GPS) support (after that, the satellite detection is quite fast with the N95):