View Full Version : E90: communicator or not?

03-08-2007, 01:08 AM

03-08-2007, 11:38 PM
while some miss the S80 interface.

yup, cant tell what any of the keyboard shortcuts are, makes it very tedious keep having to press the soft keys

I think its one of the coolest device available

Yup, couldnt resist it, had the 9210i, the 9500, and now this bad boy...

Don't think they left behind anything that was there in 9500/9300

apart from faxing, and an escape key, and defineable templates for contact cards, and , erm, about a bazillion other things that people do actually miss

in fact I found the S60 interface much faster than the earlier S80

YES!!!, i used an amiga 600 with 2mb ram and 20mb HD to get on the internet faster than my 9500 with wifi...

What i will say is that whilst its supposed to be the flag ship product of nokia, it allways seems to be very slow coming to market, and missing some key functionality.

I recall the same waiting for the 9210i, and similarly the 9500. I think the E90 overtakes where the 9210i and 9500 left off, but goes down a different road of dissapointment (less option, less configurisation, less everything).

I was kind of expecting it to be disappointing to be honest, the camera button falls well below expactation however, and the GPS lookup time / reception quality...

04-08-2007, 06:57 AM
I am hahing e90 from 3 days now.
is bad that has series 60 compared to previous 80.
i will name it the baby child of 9300 and 9500
Is still a small communicator and even if misses good features of previous communicator range I will name it Communicator baby...

brand new features like:
Dual camera
Backlight keyboard
Weight and size
Front panel internet and pictures view

makes me feel proud to own latest generation of communivator from nokia