View Full Version : Video Playback (audio/video lag) on E90

01-08-2007, 05:46 AM
of course, i cannot open AVI files with real player ( or can i ??)

so i use smartmovie OR free DivX player....

but, there is a lag between the audio and the video... sometimes the sound comes first, sometimes the lips move first... but when I fast forward, or rewind, the sound and image are good for about 10 seconds, then there is a dephasing again!

any suggestions? i used to have HTC TyTN with perfect playback... is it the E90's processor? is it the player?

PS: on the lonely cat games website (for smartmovie application) the XviD codec file does not have installation option for S60 3rd edition in the zip file, any reason why? i want to try and solve that dreaded "Div4 codec not found" message.