View Full Version : N95 user considering E90

26-07-2007, 10:39 AM
Well the heft of the E90 isn't too bad so I'm willing to still consider the other advantages.

Can anybody tell me what the typical battery life is like?

How's the macro from the camera?

Are people happy with their purchase or disappointed?

26-07-2007, 08:40 PM
I'll try to resume my two weeks experience with E90:
1 - Internet - excelent screen, most of the times wide enough to avoid horizontal scroll. Besides, keeps the good qwerty keyboard, now retro-iluminated. The 3,5G works fine, good speed, and wireless even better. The best phone for net, no doubt;
2 - GPS - the software has some problem to fix first the satelites (takes some minutes), but overall works fine. The possibility to use it in the outside screen is a huge gain for car use. Use the inside screen is something that a N95 can't give you - large and detailed maps...
3 - Camera - 3mpx, good image and a flash that works inside house - more than enough for me, that doesn't give too importance in the E90 camera. for professional use in reports is more than enough; I took pictures from 1,5meters and was OK, but i think this is still far from macro purpuses;
4 - 3G - works fine but only opened because the camera is inside;
5 - stereo speakers? Well, another extra that works realy good - i often listen to music from E90 speakers when i stude and has enoygh volume and quality.
There are oyhet featuras, but i think these are the key ones - to resume, a mini laptop that is actually a good phone, GPS and even take 3Mpx... N95 for me don't even has a change, but hey, that's me, a fan of communicators!