View Full Version : E90 strangeness...

23-07-2007, 09:44 AM
What else could I call them? :D

Opera does not work, both keypads are not recognised.
Why do I need Opera? for the fact that Web does not allow saving a file, which means the site (like www-qreader-com) must prepare its files nicely (aka not "text/plain") otherwise Web will open the file in a window as TEXT!

Tried FExplorer/YExplorer/Sysplorer, neither of three could install.
And in so no way to save Bluetoothed files in Inbox to disk.

Opening some files in the anaemic Adobe LE crashes with Not enough memory. Wow 120MB??? Suspect the LE does not recognise all the RAM. And PDF+ to the rescue again (90%)!

Very interesting phone but still trying out the apps. The Nokia freeware, some 3d racer, is VERY NICE with a full wide screen!

Still trying to find more things to do with the Nokia E90... :)