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15-01-2003, 12:39 AM
Call Manager ( from is new answering machine for 7650/3650, that saves incoming messages on the phone, and its finally one that can mute the microphone while recording. Now on special offer at Handango ( for 11$

From site:

The Real Answering Machine for your Nokia Smartphone.
Now you can move answering machine functionality from your carrier’s network to your own device. Stop paying for it!
With this new killer application for your Nokia 7650 you are able to record your own welcome message and to record incoming messages directly on your memory phone, without having callers listening from your microphone while recording messages!
Your phone can hold a lot of messages also with few bytes of memory free.
After playing your personalized welcome message, your phone will record caller name, date and time of message.

You can try the software by downloading a demo version with the following limitations:
- Max 10 seconds of message length
- Max 1 incoming messages
- Only use of default welcome message is permitted

SPECIAL OFFER: only until 15/2/ 2003 we offer Call Manager with an introductory price of only $11!

To buy:
Handango (

For more info:

Price: $19.99