View Full Version : New today screen: One2Go for series60

14-01-2003, 02:06 PM
Ximplify ('s new One2Go ( brings a today panel to your 7650/3650. From it you can see with one glance your to-do's, unread messages, and events for the day. It has other useful options too, like fast Favourites with option to add 3rd party products to it.

From website:

Why should you use One2Go?
Step One - hold the joystick down for one second - you will see on your screen the Pop- Up Flag:

Step Two is simply to release the joystick. What you see is the Information Panel. Information that you need from the Calendar, To-Do and Messaging applications are pulled to together and presented in various panels. Just use the joystick to scroll across the Information Panel to view Upcoming Events, Outstanding To-Do's, Calendar, Incoming Message and the Others Message folder.

To buy:
Handango (

For trial version and more info:

Price: $12.00