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30-06-2007, 02:19 PM
I just got a new nokia 5500 and I'm not as happy as I expected. I try to customize the phone now to adapt it to my needs. Unfortunately the possibilities are limited. So I'm looking for extra software that allows me to set what I want. Maybe you can tell me where to find such software and which things simply will not work as I like too.

* get rid of the nokia-movie when turning on (this two hands get in touch)
* customize the programs listed in standby-mode. I'd like to have the camera there for example but dont need the gallery. Maybe its possible to have more then 6 applications. In nokia 5140 there was a customizeable favorites-list that could hold programs like infrared, alarmclock ...
* assign programms to number-shortcuts. Currently I can only access phone-numbers to a certain number-key. When pressed longer it dials the phone-number. maybe one can assign a application here too?
* increase the font-size
* I desperately need a shortcut for my alarmclock
* I'v already found the auto-keylock-application at least ;)
* remove sport-mode forever: its always running in the background and I hate it :)

thnx for any tips, tricks, hints, links

02-07-2007, 09:20 AM
Firstly "Hayırlı Olsun" we say... :)
So here's some answers:

* Find a good file browser (I suggest Y_Browser); and find&clean the startup movie, i remember it was somewhere in "c:" phone memory i think (can't approve it now because my phone is in the service for the keypad problem:))
* Customisation is available from the phone settings menu! (I think it was "settings/phone settings/view/~somewhere~" or sth like that) But you cant increase the default number!
* Make new directories "Z:\resource\Fonts" on your memory card (with any browser OR computer); name the font bigger font file you want to use -make 4 copies- as "nosnr60.ttf, nssb60.ttf, nstsb60.ttf and S60ZDIGI.ttf" and copy these files to the "Z:\resource\Fonts" directory, then restart...
For details, It is the same way with E50 described here: "htp: /"
* When you change the standby programs you'll see you can shortcut tothe alarmclock...
* If you find to remove the sports mode (it may be somewhere in program manager) tell me...:)