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10-01-2003, 06:37 PM
Epocware ( releases a new application for 7650/3650 called Handy PhotoSafe ( Designed to keep your private photos safe from prying eyes with strong encryption.

From the website:

When you start using Handy PhotoSafe, you must set the password. Next time when you start Handy PhotoSafe you will be prompted to enter this password to access your photos.

At the beginning there are no photos in Handy PhotoSafe. Select Options -> Add from Images to move a photo from the standard Images application to Handy PhotoSafe. The moved photos will be encrypted and will not be visible in the Images application.

Select Options -> Return to Images when you want to return the photo back to Images application (e.g. for transferring to the PC).

Handy PhotoSafe for Nokia 7650 uses strong 448-bit data encryption (Blowfish).

Version: 1.0
Language versions: English, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Finnish, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, Swedish, French, Slovenian, Greek.

Buy it:
Handango (

Get trial and more info:

Size: 60Kb
Price: $14.95
Evaluation period: 30days