View Full Version : Contacts: replacing subfolders/categories on M600 app? (switching from Palm/Outlook)

17-05-2007, 01:47 AM
Hi there,

How do you guys organise your contacts in your m600 synced with outlook if you have no subfolders and no categories? I'm looking for ideas.

I've been a long time user of Palm+Dataviz Beyond contacts (a palm version of outlook, basically).

I have a LOT of contacts, which are sorted into:
a) Categories
b) Subfolders (the current ones in the main, older on backup/archived folders)

I love the m600 form factor, and I don't need to (or I gave up on...) replicating the same structure as I have in my outlook, I can replace subfolders with categories, but I have not understood what the deal is with the contacts application on the m600.

It does not support categories? or it just does not sync them with outlook?