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08-01-2003, 11:30 PM
Digia ImagePlus is an excellent image enhancer and annotation tool for your Nokia 7650. It provides the easiest and the fastest way to personalise images taken with Nokia 7650's in-built camera, received over MMS or any other medium. Buy via Handango (

Everywhere you go you can take ad hoc snapshots with your camera and share them with your friends -immediately without downloading and editing them on your PC. Digia ImagePlus facilitates fast and fun editing directly on your 7650.

Taking pictures with 7650 is always fun, but now you can season your images with rich set of funny icons, text bubbles or censor out not desired details. You can now illustrate what people in the pictures are "truly" thinking or saying or you can deliberately alter the original message of the picture.

A picture equals a thousand words, but image annotated with words and objects tells even more. Now you can add your personal touch with text bubbles or show your love, joy or anger with useful icons. With frames you can create seasons greeting and anniversary cards, send personalized invitations or fit persons in pictures in totally new or surprising setting.

Now you can benefit of useful tools to highlight the essential parts of images by pointing out details with the arrows or other elements. Sales price tags can be easily created and added and futile or discrete information can be blurred out.

-Image annotation with text and cartoon-style text bubbles
-Insertion of predefined icons
-Frames, e.g. for greeting card creation
-Object selection and editing
-Cool effects e.g. mosaic blur
-Free rotate, zoom, scale, flip and move
-Saving the image to photo album
-Sending the image via MMS, Bluetooth or Infrared
-Installation of additional icon packages, frames and effects

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