View Full Version : Agenda view=default flip closed?

27-04-2007, 06:43 PM
On my P910 I had an app called Active Desk that left my agenda (as many appointments/events/whatever as would fit) ON MY SCREEN when the flip was closed. Always. This is what I need my phone for - so I will be forced to remember the things coming up when I look at my phone for other information.

That loser "today" screen is absurd. WHY would it not show as much info from my calendar is it could fit?

Is there something I can do to NOT have to conciously press buttons to find out what is upcoming on my calendar? WHY WON'T ACTIVE DESK MAKE A P990 VERSION (I;ve asked repeatedly)?!

Any suggestions about other software I could find to do the same thing, or settings I could already be using to do the same thing would be GREATLY appreciated - otherwise I cam selling the brick and going back to my P910!!

Thanks in advance!