View Full Version : Please Help! Clearing the memory!

16-04-2007, 10:13 AM
I can't get sms's because it says the memory is full.... now....
no messages are in the messaging component of the phone.
no programs are installed.
it was on and off saying this when i got a few messages coming in and then deleting them again.
i think it has to do with the sport component. i have used this relatively heavily - 3 days a week for an up to an hour over 4mths or so. but not enough to constitute 3 days for 4mths straight.
when connected to the pc (via cable) earlier to download the sport info, it spent a lot of time sync'ing (in the sport program itself. normal sync for outlooking/pics.etc is 100% ok). so now it is saying memory full again and can't get messages ever since i hooked it up - this time there are no messages to delete so i'm stuffed!
on my card i have _nothing_ to delete. there isn't a file on the phone memory to get rid of (browsing phone c: through the pc no folders have contents: no video, no sound, no others, no images, no {random something}).
my sd card has 300 odd mb free and phone memory 7.99 used 0 free..

is there a way to transfer sport logging to the memory card?
is there a way to fix this other than individually going through and deleting exercise logs which i assume is the issue here? (would take agggges!!!)

thanks in advance!!!