View Full Version : P990i and Road Angel Navigator 7000

14-04-2007, 09:19 PM

I am trying to get these two devices to connect so that the Sat Nav can auto update.

Has anyone had any luck in making this happen ?

I can pair the devices via bluetooth with no problem.
When I initiate an update from the 7000 the P990 tries to open an internet connection called "GPRS modem", however I do not have a data connection of that name. So I created one and checkede that it worked via the web browser on the P990.
When I tried a sync again on the 7000 it tries to open another data account of the same name "GPRS modem", when both connections are closed I end up with 2 GPRS Modem logs - weird.

I cannot find any way to set up this data account.
Any one got any ideas ?