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13-04-2007, 06:14 PM
Hi guys,

Finally the 18months is up and I get ditch my creaky old N70! Woop!

But heres the stumper... stick with '3' and get a free E65 on my existing contract (25pm) and some cashback or switch to T-Mobile and get an N95 for 35 per month.

Your job is to convince me to get the N95, tell me about all the great things! I've heard terrible things about N95 battery life, apparently it's the reason '3' won't be offering this phone at all, is this true? What about reliability, certainly when the N70 came out the first firmware was buggy as hell, is this still a Nokia issue?



13-04-2007, 06:30 PM
convince me as well, as still not sure getting it on t mobile contract might get it tomorrow but not sure, you know what woman are like, love the phone not sure of the contract and if apps missing like on some phones:con?

13-04-2007, 07:04 PM
Its got so much it would be easier to list what it HASNT got ;) that good enough? :p

13-04-2007, 07:07 PM

I know the specs, and I know the Series 60 OS, but what I really want to know is what owners personally think of N95, what are the great bits that make your life easier, the bits that made you go 'wow' first time you used them, and what are the niggles that frustrate you?

13-04-2007, 07:37 PM
my slider seems to be abit loose so it wobbles about abit and that is realllly frustrating. apprently its a common problem! its alot better than my old n80 that crashed all the time, and if it improves even a little bit in a firmware update and that wont be a problem. camera is amazing. gps i find great, shame that you have to pay for the voice navigation! overall, amazing phone!

13-04-2007, 08:14 PM
Yes, very impressed overall. There are a few niggles:

1. If the phone doesn't recognise an extention on a download using the s60 browser it simply wont let you download it. (Has been an issue in the past with other s60 nokias but fixed with firmware upgrade)

2. Occational "Out of memory" issue in the gallery when opening videos, only seems to happen in landscape mode.

3. Still not enough RAM available (20Meg on boot, and leaks down to about 16)

4 When browsing you still get the odd "out of memory" issue, usually on feature rich sites.

5. GPS takes ages to lock at first but after using it a few times it seems to improve, and now mine is no worse than anything else i've used.

6. Battery life can be shocking!!! If you play with your phone a lot then never leave the house without a charger, but if you are a steady user it won't be too bad, you have to remember that all that technology needs a power source, for example, if your using the Maps app, you have the screen on, GPS receiver enabled, an internet connection established (3G is more power consuming) so it's no wonder the battery suffers. After the honeymoon period lapsed, for me, it now manages to last a day, and i'm a power user, before that i needed to charge it twice a day. My wife has one and she only charges hers every 2-3 days, which is reasonably normal for an s60 phone.

In truth, a lot of it's problems can be attributed to the need of a little more RAM.

On The Plus Side.......

1. Very quick OS, much nippier to use than any other s60 device i've used, (and thats nearly all of them :) )

2. Maps and built in GPS very useful, and carries a WOW factor.

3. Standard themes very pleasing

4. Obviously, more feature rich than anything else currently available

5. Seems very stable, much more so than i was expecting from and early firmware.

6.Camera is just excellent, pictures are very good and not at all grainy like an N93 or N80 for example. Video's are of comparable quality to the N93 but better than the N93 in low lighting. Colour is vivid in both video and image mode.

7.A reasonable size considering the functionality.

8. They have made a few changes to the OS and jiggled things about a bit and it's a bit better for it i think. Also, you have a little icon that appears next to open apps in the menu screen, which is quite useful.

9. The Browser now supports flash content (to a degree)

To summarise, having been a dedicated Nokia follower for years, and having owned most s60 devices worth having, i was pleasantly suprised by the N95. It is not without it's faults, but those faults are easy enough to live with given the capabilities of the phone. And, in my experience, once a couple of firmware upgrades have been done, most of the bugs will disappear. So would i buy one again knowing what i know now? Definately! No question! It's a star of a phone, and a gadget freaks best friend lol.

EDIT: Mines a T-Mobile one (nearly forgot to mention) And i got the phone free on Flext 35 plus web n walk (£37.50pm) They can do it for free, if they say they can't they are lying, so push for it free on that tarrif :)

13-04-2007, 09:24 PM
how do i push to get it for free, online 69.99, and on the phone 99.99 and then i phoned them up again it was 49.99, so phoned the store 49.99 they dont want to budge on it, i asked for it for free and for 39.99 they said no sorry it an expensive phone and that was it.they did not seem bothered when i said i would go to another network, iam going to the store tomorrow to have a look even though i want it and will get it but now i might have to haggle and will look stupid when i give in and pay for it, so looks like 49.99 is not so bad to pay on t mobile but i will give it a go i want a freebie now:frown:

13-04-2007, 09:47 PM
Well, my wife and i were existing T-Mobile customers, and we had been asking about the N95 for weeks at our local T mob store. When they became available they kept 2 aside for us and rang us up to say they were there and that the phone they could do free on the tarrif i mentioned. On getting to the store we tried to be cheeky and get free microSD cards. They explained that they could discount up to £50 per customer but no more, and we had already used that up by getting the phone free. This, apparently is their restriction, but it is used at the discression of the store manager.

It may be because we were returning customers, but i'm not sure.

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14-04-2007, 08:38 AM
just rang t mobile 5 mins ago they still wont budge on the price they said there is no way they will drop from 49.99 spoke to the manager its only free on the flext50 plan, i dont want that they only have 2 left in stock now so looks like i will have to pay or go to another store and see what deal they can give me for t moible:frown:

16-04-2007, 08:08 PM
Thanks for the replies guys.

I'm almost convinced, one thing will definately sway it for me, as I was about to spend 150 on a sat nav unit.

Can the N95 be used reliably and sucessfully as an in-car GPS unit? Does it have (or can you get) proper navigation software with post-code searching and 3d maps, POIs and voice instructions?