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26-02-2007, 09:52 PM
Hi guys

I am very happy P990 user last few months I have started to unlock the potential of the device, got a 2gb card uploaded some movies and mp3's to it and its great when im bored at work - well dont tell my boss! Also bought a few items such as a car cradle, new case, spare battery and desk/car charger and the phone is working perfect!

One thing I havent managed to sort out yet is a SatNav application , I have ordered a GPS receiver and that wil be here in the next few days. But i have no suitable application installed? Any suggestions? whats everyone else using of they are using satnav on the lovely p990? I have been on to and its ok..but i would prefer something more easy to use like TomTom? Now ive heard that TomTom Mobile 6 is not compatitble with UIQ devices is that true? The website says NO but other sites give conflicting info and that it does work! I also dont really fancy paying too much so if anyone can recommend where i can get something suitable I would be very grateful.

Any help would be very much appreciated..thanks in advance!

26-02-2007, 11:10 PM
UIQ3 isn't officially supported on the TOM TOM web site but there is a UIQ3 version on the DVD edition of mobile6 (but not the version supplied on memory card apparently). I have it loaded on mine but haven't tested it fully as my GPS receiver hasn't arrived yet but everything I have been able to test seems to work well.