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09-02-2002, 10:24 AM
Hey Boss!

When All About ER6 have a birthday? i'm planning to bake a cake and i need a deadline (cos i'm not really good baker /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif )
So i can practise few times..

I suppose that sometime at spring?


09-02-2002, 01:42 PM
ha ha ha ha, where is this party taking place, or will it be a netmeeting style party?

09-02-2002, 02:50 PM
Searches back into the depths of a very disorganised memory...

Once upon a time there was a site called All About Quartz (http//, and that started sometime in October(ish) 2000. And this site did flourish greatly to the extent that the webmaster became obssessed with the content... and so it became All About ER6 (, and that was (sometime around End of Feb. March), and then the site was moved to <!-- BBCode auto-link start --> (http//<!-- BBCode auto-link end --> (late april 2001), and then relaunched (in a similar design to today) to <!-- BBCode auto-link start --> (http//<!-- BBCode auto-link end --> (august 2001), and then in moved because of increasing bandwith and host problem to its current location (thanks to a very kind person - you know who you are).

and so when all is said and one there's lots of birthdays to celebrate, but I guess the one with the All About <B>ER6</b> name is coming up soon...

So when should we have it and how about a meeting in the chat room...


09-02-2002, 05:33 PM
Well that was...complicated... /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif party sound's good.. (hope that i will get my fast internet by then /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif )


11-02-2002, 02:40 PM
If it's gonna be a chat party then I suggest it's also a Bring-Your-Own-Bottle party as well /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Should make things intresting as the night goes on...


15-02-2002, 09:58 PM
How about nominations for the best N9200 software released 2001-2002?

It could be a great celebration tool and someone can claim to have won the 'People's Vote' for the AllAboutEr6 Software Award!