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19-02-2007, 11:46 AM
I have been following the N95 forums around, especially here,on Mobile-Review, as well as an UK 3G forum, and wanted to give this cool link to all N95 nerds, out there. :rotate:
Ohh I cannot post a web I will try to change it so you can add the http is missing yourself...
My interest in the N95 lies in combining;
- IP phone being able to use SKYPE and similar
- Decent Video camera in a VERY small format ( the N93 too big)
- Wi-Fi and BT so I can surf, D/L, U/L and listen wireless
- synchronize with my PC contacts / schedules / tasks
- Business Communication "On the Go"
- actually fitting in a pocket ( my PDA is way to big)

I do not have to big hopes for the GPS, I have some GPS devices even on a PDA, and in all it may help me out on travels when I do not have access to a REAL GPS with big screen, and easier UI.
I just want you to be aware that the N95 is a compromise, it will hopefully do a lot of things decent, but not super good, that is the nature of a compromise.
Don't be carried away by the is still just a smaller version of PDA phone, for me it is the small size that makes a difference
have a nice reading,