View Full Version : my 'new' m600i contract phone isn't

03-02-2007, 07:35 PM

Not sure where's best to post this so...

I've just bought an m600i from I thought they were a fairly reputable company, I bought a p800 from them in the past with no probs.

However, they keep sending what looks like refurbished or other peoples returned phones. The Sony seals are broken on the box and phone, the battery cover on the inside is scratched ( phone looks ok though ) The battery itself looks a bit scratched.

I am on my 3rd m600i now from them , and am at the point of giving up - should I demand a brand new factory sealed phone or should I stop moaning and forget about it!?

btw it's got a bizarre "ITSALAT" holographic sticker inside the battery compartment! Weird

cheers for any help!