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10-01-2007, 12:15 AM
Hi, I recently bought a 5500 and was wondering what sat nav options were available for the 5500.

I have been told I will need a large MicroSD card i.e. 1GB?

I have been told I will need a compatible GPS bluetooth module. Like the Nokia LD-3W and of course a phone holder.

And finally (and this is where i'm a bit unsure of what I need) I will need navigation software like tomtom navigator 6? I have been on tomtom's website but it doesn't list the 5500 and the packages have the larger SD cards with them, not the Micro SD's used in the 5500's?

Does anyone else run a 5500 with sat nav software?

Any help with the above will be much appreciated.


13-01-2007, 04:27 PM
1. Yes, You need at least 512MB card. It depends how many/big maps YouŽll use. For example all Scandinavian maps are 212MB together for TomTom. I suggest You buy that 1 GB so You can have else than only maps in your mobile :rolleyes:
2. Yes, compatible. So LD-3W (15hours/7days) is a "safe" choose for 5500.
3. And of course You need a software for Your phone. There are 2 major to choose from: TomTom or Route66 (both have symbian os9.1 3rd) There are different packages to choose from. If You donŽt have a card, You can pick a package containing microSD.

Now You can count how much money YouŽll have to spend on it.....:tongue:

PS. IŽm not currently running a satnav in my phone. Lot because those maps take so damn much space (not removing my music, so important aspect) IŽll consider again later after finding maps of individual cities.

PS2. DidnŽt You get phone holder with Your phone? I got.

hope this helps a little