View Full Version : N93 Firmware V20 - how?!

21-12-2006, 09:26 PM
Got the firmware, all the gear and ready to go but how int he world do you get phoenix to flash?
Ive used older versions where u specify where hte firmware is etc...
But the latest one, i have the N93 firmware on my desktop, and i see no way of pointing it to the firmware, i just get a list of product codes (not a clue which one to use) and if i select auto detect i get
"The flashing cannot start as no product package was specified"

a nice step by step walkthru from the moment u have a connection established on phoenix would really be a great xmas pressie for me, anyone? :rolleyes:

22-12-2006, 02:12 PM
The firmware comes in the form of an executable, if you run it it installs to the default directory where phoenix is. If you did not get an executbale, throw it away and find the .exe, because this also verifies itself while extracting.

If you want to know your product-code, just google. Select software-update from the menu, in "normal" mode, and select the right product code.

If you do flash it yourself, just like when using the NSU, make absolutely totally sure that your USB-connection is ok. Put the phone somewhere where it's lying stable.