View Full Version : W950 Fast file transfer problem solved!

21-12-2006, 05:23 PM
Hi guys/girls

I came across this forum whilst trying to find the solution to the FFT problem!!! I saw that some of you guys had the same problem so I thought that I'd come back and share the solution!!!

I found this on the SE website which got me thinking!!

Why is the transfer of music files slow...

The file transfer will be slower if connecting the phone to a deskstand connected via a USB cable instead of only a USB-cable.

The phone supports high speed USB, and therefore the file transfer is much faster while using only a USB cable.

I had been trying (without success) to use the high speed setting on my phone to transfer music to it, each time I switched to the FFT mode it was as if the phone had been disconnected! :mad: I had to go with normal mode which took ages to move the music to the phone

Problem solved- I had been using the front usb ports on my PC, for some reason it didn't allow the high speed setting to work! I have just plugged the usb lead into the back usb port and it worked straight away!!! Got a double album on my phone in about 30 seconds :)

The answer is so simple, it's just something that can easily be over looked!

I hope that this will help someone! ;)

19-03-2007, 02:46 PM
Many thanks for this. I plugged my USB cable to the back of the PCT (ie into the motherboard USB sockets) and Fast File Transfer works!

Now for the normal mode...........