View Full Version : Email sync problems with Office 2000

01-12-2006, 04:19 PM
Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had any helpful suggestions regarding the following issue I have with my M600i.

I can sync my M600 contacts, calender, notes etc with Microsoft Office 2000, however when I sync my emails from my desktop to my M600 - have problems. All of the sync mail appears to be showing the the folder of my message box, the titles are displayed everything okay, except when I open the email on my M600 the main text is missing from the emails.

As about much use to me as a chocolate teapot, little point in syncing my emails, if I can't read the content on my M600i. :mad:

Has anyone else had the problem, if so did you manage to resolve the issue?



02-04-2007, 12:33 AM
Had the same problem since I bought my M600i in early March this year. Today I just updated PC Suite to 1.3.11 version and email sync is working perfectly. Pls note that this new version is very new and so only available in SE Asia (v.e. Malaysia). Hope this will work for you too (if haven't already fixed the problem, as I can notice your post is quite old)