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28-11-2006, 09:52 AM
Getting the best out of your N93 optic! (

Improve your pictures with reliable advice from the SFs Photography expert Bigley Ling
that shares tips on taking spectacularly good photos with your lovely N93 (

You'll see that a little knowledge about techniques can make the difference between getting the shot you want and being unsatisfied with what you end up on the screen.

After all no matter how experienced you are as a photographer, learning new photography techniques can only improve your photos. Taking a new approach to standard concepts or experimenting with an entirely new conc.. ..

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Bigley Ling

28-11-2006, 12:30 PM
Good info! However, i beg to disagree on one detail. I never managed to get good macro-photo's in macro-mode, but i made some really good ones using auto-mode and optical zoom. I have a photo of some moss on some old rocks that is simply amazing. Obviously, this only works in conditions with plenty of light.

For indoor shooting with artificial light i always use the user-defined-profile, with lighting set to lightbulb, and the lighting value set to +1. That way i don't get to much redness.