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17-11-2006, 10:26 AM
Hi all!

The problem: There is no synchronisation software in my computer at work and I don't have admin rights. I wish to sync my M600i to get contacts and calendar posts into it. I saw that the phone has some backup/restore feature which is good - could I e-mail a PST file or to the phone and import that way or is there any PST -> Symbian calendar format converter that I could use in order to fool the phone into restoring the e-mailed calendar posts?

Any work-around tips would be greatly appreciated!

Andreas Thulin
abot at lumor dot se

27-11-2006, 04:48 PM
I have not heard of any such program. As far as I know there are only two ways for you to sync your calendar and contacts:
1. As you stated, using SE PC Suite (which of course requires to be installed on your PC).
2. Using remote sync, e.g. Exchange ActiveSync (which is bundled with M600). This of course requires that your organisation uses Microsoft Exchange 2003 and that they have configured it to allow this sync method.

29-11-2006, 08:01 AM
You cannot solve this problem in full without breaking your work rules on installing software - and that is a bad idea. However you can get around it for the most part

I had this problem at my past job and my work-around sytem was to:
1) Create a folder on my desktop at work called (sync)
2) Each time I changed or created contact or calendar items at work, I exported that file/card to the folder
3) I e-mailed the contents of that folder my home e-mail address at end of each day
4) Each night open the e-mail on my personal laptop at home, double click the contents and import to Outlook on my laptop
5) Sync my phone to that laptop

1) Set up a google calendar and e-mail address
2) During your workday maintain and access the information in there online via the browser in your work computer
3) See if you can sync that over 3G/GPRS to your phone via Goosync or ZYB

1) Set up a cheap webhosting account that includes MS Exchange with web access
2) do as above and maintiain all your activities in there
3) See if you can do and active sync via GPRS/3G for that data

Or hell just go convince your boss that all this is stupid - and it is - then get him to set up blackberry service for the data in your PIM software and then you can use your own devices to syn the data.

That is really the most logical thing and if you are so willing to go to all these lengths then seem to me there is a pressing need you should not ignore.