View Full Version : P990i Bluetooth Blues

07-11-2006, 05:38 PM
I have yet to find a bluetooth headset that works reliably with my new P990i.

I have tried TWO brand new Jabra JX10s, a Motorola HS820 and now a Motorola H700.

All headsets are found by the phone and can be paired successfully.

The problem is that none of the headsets can keep a bluetooth connection alive for any length of time. The Jabra drops the connection after only a few seconds, the H700 after a couple of minutes and the HS820 (the cheapest of them all) manages a bit longer.

What happens is this - when both making and receiving a call, the bluetooth connection picks up the call fine. After a short while however, the connection simply goes dead - the call is still in progress but is not easily retrieved by the phone (especially when driving) and pressing the button on the headset just drops the call. Annoying or what?!?!? :mad:

Anyone else had this, or am I just the unlucky owner of a duff phone?


08-11-2006, 11:30 AM
My SE bluetooth carkit works OK with my P910, but I have found that my Motorola V3 Razr works even better.

Guess bluetooth is not SE's strongest point?