View Full Version : i-teck r35 bluetooth stereo headset & N73

18-10-2006, 08:28 PM
I just bought an i-tech R35 stereo bluetooth headset which comes with a program called 'blueplayer' in 2 versions: one for s60 ver 1 & one for s60 ver 2.

None of them run on the N73 (ver 3).

so with a little help from the forums i managed to find the msi suport pages which make the program and there i found the blueplayer for s60 ver 3.0.

Guess what it works!....but only for 30 secs!!!

after that it informs you that it works only with msi headset and it stops!

i have contacted i-tech about the problem but so far no answer!

msi is the only provider of this program and as they have availability of this program for the N73 i dont see why i-tech does not include the program on their cd!!

otherwise the stereo sound quality is amazing, taking also into account that officialy theres is never going to be a A2DP release for the N73!!